Do you need a health coach?

What is a health coach, and who needs one?


A health coach is a specialist who engages with a client to help increase the client's internal motivation for change.


Coaching sessions are client-centered which means the client is alway put first and he or she has ultimate control in the program.


The coach does not tell the client what to do or how to make a change but instead helps the client identify opportunities and solutions. The coach provides information and advice sparingly and only with permission unless specifically requested by the client.


Coaching sessions are forward-looking, with a discussion of the future rather than a reflection on the past.


Coaching sessions are strength-based rather than deficit-driven. Ultimately, the coach's role is to help clients identify and mobilize their strengths and motivations to change their behavior.


State policies and regulations, credentials, education and experience, and competencies and skills determine an individual coach's scope of practice, meaning we do not diagnose or treat physical or mental concerns. However we can help you identify when professional medical care should be requested. 


As the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and obesity continue to rise, the need for individuals to become proactive in protecting their health is paramount and that has inspired us to create a services that will give you tools for lasting success.


Health coaching has gained a great deal of support in the last decade or so due to many factors but mainly because health coaching has been shown to be effective.

Don't take our word for it. Below  is statement of support by Dr. Mark Hyman.


"Most health plans, whether about losing weight, exercising more, or quitting bad habits, aren't designed to last. This is because they're based on an incorrect assumption that all you need is willpower and motivation. In truth, we all need a support system to help guide us toward sustainable behavior and lifestyle change. And the reality is that most healthcare happens outside the doctor's office."

                                                     ---Dr. Mark Hyman