Helping Seniors to Get Moving

At Protime-Fitness, we understand the importance of keeping seniors active and engaged to maintain health. Our fitness and brain training programs offer specific benefits tailored to seniors looking to improve their well-being.
Seniors have a range of health needs, and at Protime-Fitness, we understand and cater to these needs. Our comprehensive fitness programming is designed to enhance cognitive function, manage weight, build muscle strength, improve flexibility, provide nutrition guidance, balance training, boost aerobic fitness, and offer functional training.
Many older adults have some form of chronic medical condition, which is why your trainer is a certified senior coach with a background in geriatrics.
Once your physician has cleared you for a fitness program, your Protime-Fitness coach will interview you to determine your needs and address your concerns.
Let's get moving!

Improve Balance

Our programs focus on exercises that target balance and stability, helping seniors reduce the risk of falls and maintain independence in their daily activities.

Enhance Cognition

Through cognitive exercises and mental stimulation, seniors can experience improved memory, focus, and overall cognitive function, contributing to a sharper mind.

Build Muscle Strength

Strength training exercises are incorporated to help seniors build muscle mass, increase bone density, and improve overall strength and mobility.

Boost Flexibility

Stretching routines and flexibility exercises are included to enhance joint mobility, reduce stiffness, and promote better overall flexibility in seniors.

Ready to Prioritize Your Brain Health?

Take the first step towards a healthier mind and body by joining our brain health training programs today.